Friday, November 21, 2008

Big Ass Party

This is the one you have heard about--last month we had 40 people--it was soooo much fun!! We are expecting more tomorrow night!!  Please come join us!  What to wear is my only problem!!  Let me know which outfit you like the best!


The party CONTINUES in San Bernardino,  the 4th Saturday of the month, November 22nd, 8PM - 1AM, $20.00 Donation! It's gonna be another CRAZY and INTENSE night! We are starting an hour early at 8 PM and ending an hour earlier at 1AM! Be there at 8PM ready for fun! Gurls can arrive to get dressed between 7PM & 8PM The last one was a huge SUCKsess with lots of cool people and hot sex! I bet the next one is gonna be even better! Don't miss it! Start arranging your carpools NOW! For details write to:SBSEXCLUB@GMAIL.COM

-----Inline Attachment Follows----- is Proud to Announce


Saturday, November 22, 2008

8PM - 1AM

6930 Del Rosa Ave.
San Bernardino, Calif


Do not show up at this address until the night of the party!

Picture this:

You'll walk in to a warm and cozy living room filled with lots of very
horny people but no sex is happening in the living room. All the sex
is underground! Literally! The sexual tension upstairs is palpable but
there's no sex allowed in the living room. When you're ready to "get
your freak on"  you'll walk down a long a stairway down to a huge,
dark, underground room, dimly lit with red light. People are having
sex in every corner of the room. The atmosphere down here is the
opposite of upstairs. In the living room, everyone was joking, getting
acquainted, having fun, but down here in the basement the atmosphere
is completely different; it's intense, animalistic, mysterious. No
one's talking, or joking around down here they're just going at it!
It's pure lust! You wander around in the dark looking for someone hot
to get off many people to choose from; trannies, women,
men, couples...whatever you want! You need a break? Go back upstairs!
You need more sex. Stay downstairs!

Are you a sex addict? Good! You've come to right place!!!

Welcome to Sally and Blair's San Bernardino Sex Club!

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